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Off Track Thoroughbred Restarting - From Startgate to "C"

There are many beautiful Thoroughbreds at the track. These horses are smart, athletic and kind. They all deserve respect and an opportunity at a second career after they have finished racing.


In addition to all the services that Northern Lights Farm already offers we will also have a selection of performance Off Track Thoroughbreds available for sale. I also will help you select an appropriate match for your riding needs and will offer training services to those wishing to purchase a horse directly from the track.


From a young age Joyce has always had a passion for Thoroughbreds and racing.  Growing up beside a large training and breeding center in Hillsburgh Ontario she frequently visited the horses and stables gaining valuable knowledge of the racing industry.  Joyce has turned this passion into providing Thoroughbreds that are finished racing with a second career.  


"Thoroughbreds are one of my all time favorite breeds.  They are versatile, athletic and smart." 

Services include:

locating a suitable OTTB for your needs.

restarting OTTB's.

rehabing OTTB's.


Success Stories

Sav La Mar (Rainbow Bright)  Ecton Park - Positively Stompin, by Bold Ruckus

2009 gelding that came to Northern Lights Farm in 2015 after running 31 starts.  He had a small breathing problem while breezing that stopped his career as a race horse.  Since Then Rainbow has been successfully trained as a dressage horse and competed in 1st level in 2016 and second level in 2017/18 and is currently training third. Rainbow is one of Joyce's personal competition horses.  They will be competing at 3rd level in dressage as well as 1.2m jumpers for 2020.

I Fly (Fluffy) Niagara Thunder - Salaam - Woodman

2015 gelding did 3 starts as a 3 year old.  Did not have the personality for racing.  Fluffy is very calm and willing and is ready to start at training level dressage shows and small jumper shows in 2019. SOLD


2012 mare,very nice mover.  So far she is just enjoying life at NL Farm. SOLD


I'm Chip   Sligo Bay (IRE) - Miss Independence, by Regal Search

I'm Chip is a 2010 OTTB that raced 22 starts and has come fresh from the track to Northern Lights Farm.  Chip enjoyed 18 weeks of downtime and is now ready for his new career.  SOLD

Point Load Perfect Soul - Ginori, by Mutakddim

Point Load is a 2013 gelding bred by Hopestock Farm.  He raced 4 times and was to slow for the track. He retired sound and happy.  SOLD

Nexen Tizway - Sunny's Freckles, by Sam's Sunny Hour

This young 2014 gelding was Kentucky bred.  He unfortunately sustained a slight tendon injury and did not make it to the track. He will be enjoying his relax time here at Northern Lights Farm before Joyce restarts him. SOLD

Jenneke Stormy Atlantic - Maidstone,by Aptitude

This sweet 2014 mare will be enjoying a period of downtime before getting started with her new career.  She is a beauty! SOLD


Henke Sligo Bay (IRE) - Victoria Bay, by Northern Afleet)

Henke is a 6 year old OTTB who arrived at the end of November from Woodbine after 22 starts.  He is currently enjoying a period of rest and will begin work soon.  Henke is sweet, sound and RRP eligible. 


Makar  Best of the Bests (IRE) - Monarchist, by Salt Lake)

Makar is a 2008 chestnut gelding who recently retired after a whooping 42 starts.  He raced mainly at Fort Erie where we picked him up.  Makar enjoys light riding and hacking.  He is sweet, loves people and is bomb proof. SOLD

Van Goghs Earlobe Strut the Stage - Advents Dancer, by A Fleets Dancer)

VGE is a 2011 OTTB from Woodbine racetrack.  Van Gogh is lucky to have found his person already.  SOLD

Clear the Track (Daisy)  Dom Dancer - Snowy Pearl, by Silver Deputy

Daisy was an important part of the beginning of Northern Lights Farm.  Having hurt herself in training Daisy never made it to the track.  In 1999 we purchased Daisy as a broodmare. She had a very successful Career as a broodmare producing many top hunters and Dressage horses.  Pictured here is Kafka NL who was a daughter of Daisy.  Kafka competed through 4th level dressage.

Singasolosunday Our Liberty - Solo Karen by Kris S

Shaq was the first OTTB that we owned.  He was a gelding foaled in 1991.  He raced 18 starts in his career.  He was a middle aged gelding when he arrived at my farm.  He was shy for men but loved kids.  His favorite thing was giving children's riding lessons.  He continued his job well into his 20's even attending some local horse shows.  He left a lasting impression on my heart.

Fromruckuswithlove  One way Love - Bold Ruckus

Ruckus born 2006 had a short racing career of only 2 starts before enjoying some downtime before finding her new job. She will enjoy the lower level hunter jumper circuit.  SOLD

Sweet Sugar Rush Pike Pass - Regal Intention

Sugar is a 2011 mare who was race trained but did not race.  She is a lovely conformation horse who has found a second career as a pleasure horse and all arounder for a lovely family.  SOLD

Terra Sana Money by Orleans - Regal Classic

Terra Sana is still here at Northern Lights Farm after having several years off after just 2 starts she is currently excelling in her post racehorse training.  She may be available in the future.

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